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DrugBank Data Licenses

Detailed drug information in a structured format.

Drug Data for Pharma Research and Health Software

You can use DrugBank data in your applications and commercial research by obtaining a DrugBank data license. A license includes daily updates, customized exports and access to premium datasets.

DrugBank API

Build applications faster with our simple but powerful APIs.

Drug Information API for Pharma Research and Health Software

The DrugBank API has several easy to use endpoints for finding information about drugs, including a product lookup, and a drug-drug interaction finder.


Detailed drug information all in one place.

DrugBank.ca is a website for Students, Researchers and Pharmacists

DrugBank is a unique database that combines detailed information about pharmaceutical drugs with drug target information. It is widely used in the research community with > 5000 citations in academic journals.

Get everything you need to know about pharmaceuticals in one place. From drug targets, to international drug products, to the mechanism of action.

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